Publication and dissemination


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MSc projects

  • Technical and economic evaluation of inertia from wind farms and synchronous condensers (2017/02 – 2016/08)
  • Investigation of distance relay performance for blackout prevention in low inertia electric power systems (2016/02 – 2016/08)
  • Short circuit power planning for renewable energy systems via synchronous condensers (2015/01 – 2015/10)
  • Effect of VSC-HVDC on distance relay based on RTDS simulation (2015/01-2015/10)
  • Protection Schemes for High Voltage Systems. - Effect of Saturation in Current (2014/11 - 2015/08)
  • Evaluation of the impact of full converter wind turbine during faults on grid protections (2015/01-2015/07)